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About Offering Quality Used Saddles Canada Wide was founded by Lynn Whitney in 2014. Lynn has grown up in the horse industry on her family's 87 acre farm Whitney Stables in Erin, Ontario. The farm was purchased by the Whitney family in 2001. Lynn has been an integral part in her family's farm since a young age. She has been running a successful boarding, lesson and training facility full time.

Lynn has always had a passion for saddles and high end tack. Always trying out the latest and most innovative products has given her a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of equine products. Lynn has always been fascinated with seeking out products that can improve both horse and rider's performance. Anyone that knows Lynn has seen her extensive collection of quality horse tack ranging from saddles, to different bits, boots, girths, martingales and most other equipment available. She believes that being able to understand how every product works and what its benefits are versus other products is the key to improving the connection between horse and rider.

Throughout the years running the farm Lynn has seen first hand what a difference proper fitting saddles can have for both horse and rider. Seeing horses that are resistant to move forward, are cold backed during mounting, being grouchy when saddled and refusing to jump fences are a just few of the most common issues that are resolved with a proper fitting saddle. For riders an ill fitting saddle can make it difficult for them to follow the motion of the horse, to keep their leg still, to feel truly balanced and confident when riding.

After spending years successfully helping clients in the barn find their perfect saddles at affordable prices, Lynn has decided to offer her services to a greater variety of prospective clients.