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Consignment Offering Quality Used Saddles Canada Wide

*Click on the Link above to view the Saddle Consignment Contract*

Why choose to sell your saddle?

  • You get hassle free way to sell your used saddles.
  • We charge a flat fee per saddle listing so it doesn't cost you more to sell a higher priced saddle.
  • We use our extensive saddle knowledge to price your saddle properly to ensure you are getting fair market value.
  • We take care of any potential buyers questions regarding your saddle.
  • We arrange all saddle trials and meeting potential buyers.
  • We handle all saddle payments and returns and you receive payment directly from us once the saddle has sold.
  • We list your saddles on our site, our social media pages, local and country wide classified websites and add them to the list of saddles that can be fitted by our saddle fitter.

How to Consign Your Saddle

If you would like to discuss the option of having us consign your saddle, please email us at [email protected] with the following information:

1) Description

Please include saddle Make, Model, Seat Size, Tree Width, Flocking material, Channel Width, Saddle Date of Manufacturing, Serial Number and Desired Saddle price. Don't know all of this information about your saddle? Don't worry just send us as much of it as you can and we will figure out the rest.


Please include pictures of the left and right saddle flaps, the seat, billets, panels and any other spots of cracking damage or wear. Please note these pictures will not be used for your saddle listing they are only to provide the current condition of your saddle before it is consigned. Once your saddle has arrived, we will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours of delivery to confirm that we have received your saddle and that there has been no damage done to it during shipping.

From there, we will discuss with you whether we can take your saddle on consignment. Due to demand for our services, our ability to take your saddle will depend on factors including how many other saddles we are accepting from other sellers concurrently.

The consignment fee is $200 flat rate on all saddles. It is taken off the final saddle price along with the sales tax that we submit to the government once the buyer has completed their purchase and we then send you payment for your saddle.

The Consignment Process

Once the item has arrived to us, please allow up to 5 days for your item to be properly cleaned, conditioned, photographed and posted online.
We will mail you a check, email money transfer or paypal payment within 7 days of a confirmed sale of your saddle. Saddles are sent out on trial, so we have to wait to confirm a final sale with the customer before being able to send you payment. We will contact you once an item has been confirmed as a final sale so that you will know to expect our payment.

· If your item is accepted for consignment, the current terms of consignment are as follows.


Our consignment fee is $200. We accept saddles on a 6 month contract basis. If your saddle has not been sold in 6 months it will be returned to you at your expense and you will not be billed for any of our services. An item may be returned to the owner at any time, but will incur a $100 contract cancellation fee. This fee partially covers our cost of labor, advertising, marketing, monitoring trials, cleaning and conditioning leather upon arrival and before and after every trial, custom shipping boxes, etc. The owner is responsible for the cost of return shipping and insurance for removing their item from inventory.

All saddles sold on our website include the option of a trial period to ensure our customers are confident in getting a proper saddle fit for both horse and rider. While customers are held responsible for any damage caused during trial, please note that normal signs of use are to be expected. Items are shipped insured for trial. We are not responsible for claims not covered by insurance.

The owner is responsible for any shipping costs to get the saddle to us for consignment.

Items should arrive to us clean and in the condition described to us prior to accepting the consignment. We clean and condition all saddles upon arrival and after each trial so they are always looking their best. If we find a problem with the saddle that is repairable when it arrives to us, we will notify you to discuss the possibility of repair with our professional saddler. However, saddles that arrive to us in condition unfit for resale will be returned at your expense.

While we do our best to provide you with an estimate on the value we would assign to your saddle based on the photos you provide, if after seeing the saddle in person we feel that it would be in your best interest to adjust the price slightly up or down, we will contact you to discuss that option.

Shipping Your Item to Us:

To ship your item to us, please require a signature upon delivery so that the box is not left unattended at the door. Insure your saddle to protect yourself in case the saddle should suffer any shipping damage. We are not responsible if you fail to insure the saddle and it arrives damaged to us. We recommend shipping in a 14 x 14 x 24 box (or something similar), with the saddle packaged pommel down, with either bubble wrap or packing paper for packing. (Please do not use peanuts, as they tend to get stuck in crevices of saddles and can break off in the crevices.)

Send us an email to let us know once you have shipped, and via which carrier, so that we can be watching for your saddle to arrive.