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Professional Saddle Fitting

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Professional Saddle Fitting

At we are proud to offer our clients the option to work with an independent professional saddle fitter. Trying to figure out what type of saddle would be right for you and your horse can be a very daunting task. By having a saddle fitter out to assess both you and your horse you can gain valuable knowledge regarding which brands and styles of saddle would best to suit your needs.

Professional Saddle Fitting can assist with

- Narrowing your saddle search to brands or model types within those brands that would fit your horses conformation best.
- Finding what tree size and shape your horse requires.
- Finding any muscle unevenness that would result in needing a saddle that can have the panels altered to fit properly.
- Finding what seat size would work best for you and ensuring that it would be a suitable length for your horses back.
- Assess what flap length and style would best accommodate the length and shape of your leg.