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Saddle Trial Contract

Trial Contract

Trial Contract Saddle Purchase / Saddle Trial Agreement This agreement, signed in duplicate, is intended to be a binding legal agreement. (1) (Seller) sells to ____________________ (Buyer) at the end of the trial period, of 5 days for the amount of ______ , by for upfront by Cash, PayPal or e Transfer. No warranties or guarantees are made regarding the saddle except that the (2) Seller has delivered the above saddle to Buyer on ____________ at ______________ and Seller is in receipt of the full sale price. (3) Buyer agrees to try the saddle and to be responsible for the saddle and its condition during the term of the trial, which shall end on _______________ . (4) If Buyer wishes to keep and purchase the saddle prior to the end of the trial, Buyer will email the Seller at [email protected] with this notification. The sale will then be complete (5) If Buyer wishes to return/not purchase the subject saddle, seller must receive contact from the buyer to this effect on or before on ______________ . If no contact from the buyer is received by that date and time, the sale is complete and final. (6) To receive a refund, Buyer must (a) contact/notify the Seller, as in #4, above, and (b) meet with Seller to return the subject saddle back to the Seller, in same condition as it left, no later than on _____________. Seller will provide a refund to the Buyer in the full amount of the saddle purchase upon receipt of the saddle and finding it in the same condition as when Signed and accepted on _____________________ : _____________________________ ________________________________ SELLER BUYER Address: ________________________ ________________________